Scottish snowboard season so far…..

Well folks its been a frustrating 2015/16 season thus far with the latest start to snow sports in years.

Now the old boys leaning on the bar supping a foamy brew will tell us this is normal and we’ve just been spoiled in the past few seasons, perhaps but with so many locals depending on it for business or pleasure one has to be stay up beat. The snow always comes back.

February and the busy half term are weeks away and the current snow pack is taking a pounding from mild winds…….the snow always comes back.

Nov 20th Glen Feshie off to get wet
Gorge walking Nov 20th
Das is en squaten-hausen… sprain no pain… professional help, G2 outdoors
Moby Dick Lochan, Craigellicie 12th Dec and the snow came back just before the big floods here and in Cumbria and Borders
Nothing says social media weather reports like the “Bin Lid” update, 14th of Dec
New Year, New snow….finally the season is up and running, 11th Jan 2016. Out avalanche training with G2 outdoors
The new Splitboard finally getting some use after a long wait for snow…yes that’s a snowboard on both feet!
Craig Burry out splitboard touring at Creag Meagaidh, 900 m up and down with not a ski lift in sight, 19th Jan 2016
As good as it gets at Cairngorm, we waited along time but it was top quality. Powder, no queues, no wind. 20th of Jan 2016.
East wall of the White lady (which faces West??), Cairngorm mountain. Steep, deep and a on my new board, Bataleon Evil Twin
No matter what the conditions one can always stock up on dress shirts at Cairngorm base station  #gapyear
Rain and wind at Cairngorm skinning up on the Spiltboard make an unhappy but determined Kev. 21st of Jan 2016. The two weeks of fine snowy wind free weather finally comes to an end.
If all else fails go buy a weird snowboard and shape it yourself. Yes Clark

Remember while your waiting for the snow do your squats, go biking and hiking, keep those legs strong and

……..the snow always comes back!

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