Interski pow spray

Italian powder


I started snowboarding at Cairngorm back in 1995 when both feet pointed to the nose of my snowboard, my hair was past my shoulders and a big check shirt was the height of fashion. I those days we thought nothing of chucking ourselves down the slope with no advice or style and I still see people do it every year. It took me allot of training to lose my bad habits and develop fluidity (a life long goal).

Since then I have done seasons snowboarding in Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, Italy and France and in 2006 I qualified as a BASI snowboard instructor level 2. During the summer I am an outdoor pursuits instructor and wilderness guide taking people hiking, biking, canoeing, gorge walking, white water rafting, canyoning and climbing.

In 2013 I qualified as Winter mountain leader to allow me to take clients winter hill-walking and in January 2016 I passed Mountain Ski leader which allows me to lead snowboarders and skiers out into the mountains away from the ski areas in Scotland.

I live for getting people out into the great outdoors and get a real kick from helping people learn new skills.

You may find me teaching for Free-ski or G2 Outdoors and in 2013 I created Snowboard Aviemore to get more people “shreding the Gnar”

Carn Ban Mor snow patch July 2013

Carn Ban Mor snow patch July 2013